Friday, April 29, 2011

Doin' it!

It has been SO fun receiving pictures of many of you!  I will be posting a few at a time so you can see.  I sometimes imagine what it would be like if ALL of us could gather in one place wearing these shirts.  I  am sure it would be powerful and emotional.  This is a way we can almost accomplish that... I am making a book for Dylan with ALL the photos of you guys wearing his shirt.  KEEP SENDING ME PICTURES :)  send them to  THANK YOU!!!  

"Me & baby Graham are DOIN' IT 4 Dylan!! We love you!!"
Dylan's aunt McKell!  Baby Graham will be born TOMORROW! We can't wait to meet him!  
and of course..we will get him a shirt of his own.  :)

"We are FIGHTING with you and your family every step of the way!!!
xoxo Meghan & Brandon Andersen

"Mountain Crest Drill Team is Doin It For YOU Dylan!!!  You are in all of our prayers!!!!"
MC Caprielles

  I can't wait to show you more, and to see more of you who haven't sent pictures.  We will never forget all of you who have joined our ARMY.  It is a powerful one.  Full of hope, peace, tears, & LOVE!  We love each of you.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.


*******PS  DANCING 4 DYLAN!!  MONDAY!!! 5:00PM DOORS OPEN! NORTHRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL(Layton)  You will be SHOCKED to see the AMAZING donations we have for the silent auction, and the performers are the most talented around! This will be one of the most amazing evenings of our lives.  We hope you are there to experience it with us!******

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