Tuesday, March 22, 2011


May I share with you the wonderful day I had yesterday taking Dylan to his radiation treatment. We talked the entire way down and back. I asked him if he knew the way to the treatment, he said that he didn't pay that much attention as his dad was driving. Mostly he said, I sleep or have my eyes closed. I told him I really did know how to get to the hospital, but did he know where to go after getting to the hospital. He said, "Of course I know". (Why would I think any different?) We talked about the beautiful land that we live in and how lucky we are to live here. We talked about what an amazing family he has and what a wonderful neighborhood and ward he lives in. (may I insert, while I was waiting for him to get ready to go, 5 neighborhood girls brought him a bowl full of money, they had been around the neighborhood selling duct-tape decorated pens- they had $35.00 - and that is just one of the hundreds of acts of kindness that this wonderful neighborhood has done - what amazing people!!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!)
It was a rainy day, and he asked if maybe we could get a parking place close to the doors, cause he said he really didn't like to walk that far. As we drove into the parking garage, there were some handicap parking spaces available, he said, "Don't you think that I am a little bit handicapped? So we should be able to park in them." I said I thought that there was a parking space just around the corner, and there was, so we didn't have to walk very far.
As we got into the hospital, he went up to the front desk and he asked if he could please get the golf cart to take him back to the radiation treatment. They said of course he could, and we got to ride on the golf cart again. (I went in with him and Ryan 2 weeks ago to see Dr. Thompson, after leaving Primary Children's Hospital to find out about his radiation treatments and rode in the golf cart then). The golf cart is a great idea, it is a long way to the radiation treatment area, and it makes getting there a bit more fun.
As we arrived at the radiation treatment area, he went up to the desk, the nurses said, "Hi, Dylan, we are waiting for you!" He said, "Can I check in?" they said, "Yes you can." He went over to the computer screen and checked himself in. The nurse told him that he would have to wait a little while, because there was someone else having treatment right now. He said that every other time that he has come he went right in, no one has ever been in there before him. (He told me before we left that it really didn't matter what time we got there, because no one has ever been there - I said that we really should go at the scheduled time, because that is when they were expecting us, and maybe someone else was coming after him.)
While we waited for about 20 minutes, he played his DSI and another puzzle game, and then it was time to go in. I asked if I could see where he treatment was, he told me that I could. I went with him and Mark into the treatment center, he jumped up on the table, and laid down. (This is his 4th time and he is an expert now). They put on his Denver Bronco's mask and raised the table, they turned on the laser markers and aligned it up on the side of his head, and then I said that I would wait in the waiting room. 15 minutes later he came out and said, "OK, it is time to go."
We went to the desk and asked if he could call for the golf cart. The nurse said that she would call for it. Dylan said, "They told me to call them". So the nurse handed him the phone and he asked if the golf cart could please come to the radiation treatment area. While riding back to the entrance, he said that there had been 25 patients that day doing radiation, 3 children (including him). We both were amazed that there were so many, and that was on that one machine, there are other machines in the hospital.
As we started home, he calculated what time we would be getting home. It usually takes about 1 hour, so we left at 4:30 p.m. and he thought we would be getting home at 5:30 p.m.- well we got home at 5:15 - we were fast, must have had a tail wind.
As we talked coming home, he said, "I am going to close my eyes, I am not going to sleep, but just close my eyes cause they have been open a lot today." But his eyes didn't stay closed very long, he just talked, and talked, about everything.
What a great day we had, just Dylan and me. I don't get very many days with just one grandchild at a time, and it was GREAT!!!! I am so grateful that Tom and I get to take him to treatment each day. No coincidence that we are now both retired and have the time and ability to do this service for him and his parents. I would do anything to help any of our children and grandchildren!!! They are all WONDERFUL!!
Thanks Dylan for allowing me to know you, you are amazing!!!
Dylan has always been a wonderful friendly person. At the hospital I saw that same friendly Dylan. He was so sure of himself and happy.
As I watch Dylan play with his brothers and sisters, he is always wanting them to be fair and do things right. He is always reminding them of the things that they should or shouldn't be doing. Last week he was dragging Avery across the family room by her leg to get her away from something she wasn't supposed to do. As I watched, I was struck with the thought that he wants them to do RIGHT and wants to help them choose the right. (Sometimes as with all siblings, it isn't always received with love and warmth and is not seen as being very helpful, but he wants them to get IT - I believe that he gets IT.)
I hope that we all get IT - REMEMBER WHY WE ARE HERE!!! we all shouted for Joy when the Plan of Salvation was presented to us, we all raised our hands and voted "YES" we accept Jesus' Plan and we want the opportunity to come to earth to recieve a body to prove ourselves worthy to be able to live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus again. Jesus Attoned for OUR sins, to make that possible.
PLEASE REMEMBER, Oh remember!!!!

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  1. Lanae... I absolutely LOVED reading this! It made me laugh & cry. You are such a wonderful grandma, and I too believe he gets IT. xo