Saturday, March 19, 2011

Higher Ground

  Like many of you, I have spent the last week watching the news, video clips online, and  thinking so much about the people in Japan.  There is one clip that strung a strong cord with me.  The waters came, one by one, cars, trucks, semi's, then buildings and house, were lifted up and swept away.  I watched as peoples lives were ripped away from them.  At one point the camera man turned around and videoed people watching from higher ground.  When the sirens came, they all ran to higher grounds.  This would not stop the turmoil around them.  It would not make the water go away, or save their homes....but, it would save them.
  Watching that, made me think of our own lives.  Sometimes life may feel just like a tsunami.  We might lose our homes, jobs, loved ones...and often times there is nothing we can do to stop those things from happening. But, we can choose, to get to higher ground.  Higher ground is physical, spiritual, emotional.  It is letting our minds focus on the positive, what matters the very most, be more forgiving, and seeing the big picture.  It is getting up out of bed each day and moving forward.  It is loving deeper.  The wise man built his house upon a rock.  On higher, safer ground.    I have been amazed watching Ryan and Mandy do this.  I have seen a new side of them.  They are strong and powerful and have fully chosen to get to higher grounds.  What an example, while their lives as they once knew them have been changed forever.  Higher ground is where peace, love, comfort, & friends are found.   So.. Let's all get there :)



  1. perfectly said chels. thank you shaw's, for being so strong and faithful. such an example! families really are forever- i love the simplicity in this.
    much love, christy

  2. Love this post Chels! What a great message! xo!

  3. Yes very well said Chels!! Such a great message we should all take into our lives. Praying for you all :)