Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Holy Moly

Holy Moly is all I can come up with right now. I am exhausted! In good ways and in bad! This continues to be such a ride... I am hoping for some consistency with my emotions but am probably not going to get that any time soon.

We found out a few weeks ago that Dylan's Make a Wish trip has been granted! His wish grantors, Dana and Jon, went through a great deal to put on the cutest assembly ever at Dylan's school featuring lots of our cute friends and neighbors as pirates!!! At first he was a little concerned at the attention he was receiving but after some convincing by Daniel Coates (Denver Broncos player :) ) Dylan went up on the stage to officially become the newest pirate and receive the news about Disney World! We leave in 2 weeks from today and our whole family gets to go! All of the kids can't wait! It will definitely be a much needed change of scene for all of us. While I am so overly grateful to Make a Wish for providing our family with this amazing trip, it is hard to believe that we are a Make a Wish family... I have seen these families for as long as I can remember but now we are one of them. Everything is so different to me now. My perspective has completely changed. I am so grateful that there are organizations like this out there to provide our family with the opportunity to make these important memories that will last us for forever.

Dyl continues to improve, still tired and the steroids aren't super fun. But I am happy with his speech and walking abilities for now. He is one of my very favorite people to be around, I think my sarcasm has worn off on him! He continues to be my little parasite and can't stand it if I am not around. He has his Primary's appointment tomorrow so we'll see how his counts are and find out when his next MRI is. At this point I am just living day by day.

Maybe one day I'll get a nap or a full night's rest. I am sure that is pretty unrealistic to think it's even a possibility with our circumstances! Life continues to be crazy around the Shaw house and every body continues to fight for attention! We are trying our best to divvy it out evenly but some certainly demand more then others... I often find myself dreaming of our life before all of this and I want to go back. But then I don't. It's a constant battle within myself because I have learned so much through it all that I know I wouldn't have otherwise. I am so grateful for my family, friends and the gospel. They all continue to help me plug away. It frequently feels like Groundhog Day! I am ready for better weather and the outdoors! Bring on Summer! Hopefully we will be able to have some great times with good health!

I know this isn't the most amazing post, I am really tired but feel like I need to thank every one for the continued love and support. We even got letters from Jimmer Fredette's mother, Kay. She is one sweet woman! It is crazy to know how many people are concerned about our little family. Thank you so much for it all. We truly feel loved... :)


  1. Congrats on the fun trip to Disney World! Enjoy the moments and try not to think about being one of "those" Make a Wish families. Simply go on a much-needed family vacation. :)

    I know you don't know me, but I continue to follow your blog and get updates from Jeff. I hope and pray for more little signs of progress, and for a nap for you! It may not always feel like it, but I know there is HOPE and miracles truly do happen. We will all be praying for miracles for your family.

    I can also TOTALLY relate to the "before" and "after" feelings you are having. While you don't enjoy what is happening now with sweet Dylan, I know that the Lord has blessed you, as have your friends, neighbors and strangers all around you. You are a changed family and will be forever. Embrace it. :) Much love to your family.
    -- Jodi, brainstem brain tumor survivor

  2. I love you, Mandy. You're the greatest. You should let me sleep over and hold that baby so you can sleep sometime:).