Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

   HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We have all thought about this day the last 3 months and wondered what it was going to be like....what we should do....and how we would celebrate your birthday without you here.  Your parents decided to give you the wonderful gift of doing your temple work.  I know you already know this. ..but all of our family was able to go and feel the sweet, sweet spirit there.  It was a very emotional experience for me, and gave me a whole new outlook on those we are doing work for.  I am so grateful for the external perspective and desire to be my very best I have gotten with you on the other side.  I have been able to feel your presence on a couple different occasions and I am so so thankful.  Those experiences are truly tender mercies. 
  I can't believe it was a year ago we gave you those comfy slippers for your birthday.  You were the king of "Comfy's"!!  Never did I imagine they would be your favorite things to wear, and eventually be the very shoes you'd be buried in.  It breaks my heart, but also makes me happy.  I am learning that much of this experience is bitter sweet.
  Today we will spend our time thinking about you and celebrating the life you lived.  We will bake cupcakes and take them to the neighbor kids, make fleece blankets for kids at Primary Childrends, eat your favorite pork from Cafe Rio, and go visit your resting place.  I know there will be lots of tears today, just because we miss you so so much.  I can't imagine what your mom must feel like on this day, but just like I promised....I will take good care of her. I know you are so proud of how strong your parents have been.  It's amazing the strength that comes out of people when trials like this are given to them.
  I'm not sure how birthdays are celebrated in Heaven, but I hope you know that today is YOUR special day!!! A day we will celebrate YOU every single year.  We love you SO much!  Life here is not the same without you.  We hope somehow you get the cupcake Livi is determined to send to heaven..... :)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest boy we know!

Love, Chelsea


  1. Thank you for sharing Dylan's birthday with all of us!! Happy Birthday Dylan!
    Love from Gilbert, AZ

  2. What a special way to celebrate! =) I am so glad you shared with us.