Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drew's Blessing Day

Today was a special day for this sweet little baby.   For the last four months, everything we do is a little emotional.  Today was not much different.  Ryan gave a wonderful blessing & the spirit was very tender and strong.  I think a huge part of that is because of the love and support in the Shaws ward.  I don't know many of them, but I sat and looked around I could recognize face after face.....ALL from people coming over to bring in meals, sharing messages, or just stopping by to check in.  What a blessing each of those people have been.  I was emotional just seeing their faces. 
   Drew was sent to this Earth with the ability to give peace and healing.  He is a sign of hope, and love.  He is proof that our Heavenly Father knows much more than us what we need, and  exactly WHEN we will need it.  We all love this baby more than words. 

Dylan & Drew have a special little bond. :)

Dawson & Dax...two of the cutest boys EVER.

My sister is probably the strongest, most loving, caring, compassionate person I know.  I love her.  

The whole Shaw family together!  Beautiful.


  1. Chels, your sister IS awesome. All of them. And your brothers, and your mom, and your dad, and especially YOU. I love you all.

  2. Mandy and family! I love you guys so much =)
    You're family is lovely. that's all.

  3. I think of your family all the time. And I just can't imagine what one day is like in your home. Thank God for the knowledge and blessings of eternal families. I pray for your family, for your beautiful son, and for your hearts to know peace and comfort.
    All my love,
    Mandy Higley